Code Causing RStudio Crash


I am trying to delete all dashes that appear at the end of a string and my code is causing R to crash. Any tweaks or code fixes that might not cause this would be greatly appreciated!

acct_nm = str_replace_all(acct_nm, "[:punct:]+", "")

Right not I have this wrapped as part of a mutate, unfortunately I cannot show all of my code or include my data. Basically all I want it to replace the acct_nm variable with acct_nm - any trailing punctuation.


This looks fine, you just need to add "$" at the end of your regex string to replace punctuation at the right hand end only. I can't see any reason why this would crash your session.

I started with that, but it also causes crashes. Sorry, I forgot to add it back in before posting.

It's probably not this that is crashing your session.

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