cluster visualization

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to visualize the results of my hdbscan analysis using the t-sne function.
I've seen the way of doing so using iris dataset:

colors = rainbow(length(unique(iris$Species)))
names(colors) = unique(iris$Species)
ecb = function(x,y){ plot(x,t='n'); text(x,labels=iris$Species, col=colors[iris$Species]) }
tsne_iris = tsne(iris[,1:4], epoch_callback = ecb, perplexity=50)

The problem is that when I try to reproduce the same results using my dataset, different points belonging to the same clusters have a different color. This is the code:

colors = rainbow(length(unique(drawings$cluster)))
names(colors) = unique(drawings$cluster)
ecb = function(x,y){ plot(x, t = 'n'); text(x, labels=drawings$cluster, col = colors[drawings$cluster])}
tsne_clustersHDB <- tsne(disegni001nw [,3:5], epoch_callback = ecb, perplexity = 5)

For example points which belong to the cluster "0" have different colors.
Could anyone help me? Thanks

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