cloudml Google Cloud Platform Partner Credit

I am getting setup with using the cloudml package to access Google Cloud resources for training machine learning models and see that on the R Interface to Google CloudML article it states that "In addition, Google is providing a $200 credit for users of the R interface to CloudML (this credit applies to both new and existing customers). Use this link to apply for the $200 credit." (see screenshot 1 below).

When I click the link to 'apply for the $200 credit' I am directed to a page that states "Your eligibility could not be confirmed. Please contact your Cloud Partner to get a valid URL to use to redeem your partner credit." (see screenshot 2 below).

I am wondering if anyone else has run into this issue, and if so is there a way to resolve it - perhaps I am missing a step? Or has the partnership between the Google Cloud Platform and RStudio ended? Thank you very much!

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