climdexInput.csv no idea how to use it

Hello people,

i am have to do an analyse how many cold spells there are in Berlin.
because i am new to R, it is really difficult to me
there is a package called "climdex.pcic"
my csv data looks like this


and for that i want to use this

climdexInput.csv(tmax.file = NULL, tmin.file = NULL, prec.file = NULL,
data.columns = list(tmin = "tmin", tmax = "tmax", prec = "prec"),
base.range = c(1961, 1990), na.strings = NULL, cal = "gregorian",
date.types = NULL, n = 5, northern.hemisphere = TRUE,
tavg.file = NULL, quantiles = NULL, temp.qtiles = c(0.1, 0.9),
prec.qtiles = c(0.95, 0.99), max.missing.days = c(annual = 15, monthly =
3), = 0.1)

but i have no clue what i have to write to use this function. every try failed
can someone explain this to me?

so many thanks for everyone

This function expects a minimum of three csv files containing daily maximum temperatures, daily minimum temperatures and daily total precipitation.

It will return an object of class climdexInput-class that can be used as inputs to other methods in the package.

You should start with

my_object <- climdexInput.csv(input1.csv,input2.csv,input3.csv)

Then try


to see what you're dealing with.

This is somewhat of an oddball among the R packages that I have used.

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