client took long time to start after forced pkill command

After executing command pkill -u username rsession in my terminal, rstudio client page constantly shows "R is taking longer to start than usual" when i tried to login again. And none of the options (reload, safe mode, terminate R) works.
Next, i tried various commands to reset the configuration of this user , such as mv $HOME/.local/share/rstudio $HOME/.local/share/rstudio-backup , mv $HOME/.config/rstudio $HOME/.config/rstudio-backup and both simultaneously , but no help at all. I even tried renaming $HOME/R $HOME/.RData as well as $HOME/.Rhistory, none of them worked , either.
So , anyway , i don’t know what's wrong and what to do right now. Could you please help me with this problem?

Rstudio server info: 2022.07.2+576 (Spotted Wakerobin) for Ubuntu Bionic
system info :20.04.1-Ubuntu

never mind, I've already fixed this problem. Compared with renaming only rstudio related directories in $HOME, it worked more effectively to delete .local/ .config/ .R/ .RData .Rhistory completely from user's home directory

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