Client side processing

Is anyone working on this?:

I was tasked with making an Rmarkdown flexdashboard where using a shiny server was not (currently) an option. So interactive components would need to make use of JavaScript on the client side. I needed a drop down option which would filter data and render updates to 5 objects (one table, three plotly plots, and a visjs timeline). I came across bsselectR but it didn’t appear to be as advanced as I needed it to be. So I wrote custom JavaScript, html, and a JSON object to get it done. Does anyone know of render type tools for client side markdown interactive documents? There are many render functions which have been built for use with shiny. It would be very interesting to have the community start building alternatives such as render(..., type = “client”). The leap wouldn’t be too hard, but would likely require a data step which creates an embedded JSON data object. I understand if there would be resistance to this model since it would reduce developer dependence on shiny servers for many use cases, but I’d certainly be happy with the enhanced options.

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