Clicking "Compile PDF" on a tex file fails to install TeX packages

Hey, I'm trying to make a super simple workflow to show some less technical users how to use R Studio to build TeX documents. One weird thing I'm running into is on a fresh install I typically don't have all the TeX packages we need there by default. So when a user clicks the "Compile PDF" button they get a failure because of missing packages.

However if they manually run


If that file has dependencies then pdflatex will automagically install missing dependencies. Then next time they can just click the button. Is there a setting I can change that will make the button just install dependencies? It's a bit clunky to have to one process the first time then a different process after that. Are there other ways I can work around this?

Thanks for the tip. I did not realize Yihui had built auto-install into tinytex::pdflatex. That is helpful.

As a fallback, LaTeX usually fails with name.sty not found. In a pinch users can use tlmgr install name to get going. LaTeX oddities are one of the main reasons I vastly prefer Rmarkdown...

Good news! The exact thing you're asking for is coming in RStudio 1.3, see (and currently available in daily builds)

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