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Hi people!

If i have a table like that

Which resource can I use to click on a cell and expand to a graph? It can be on the same or in another tab.

Thanks for the tip!

You might be able to use DT's shiny integration (to populate a graph in response to clicking on a cell) although I'm not sure if you'll be able to exactly replicate the table styling in that photo.

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I just need the function to click and response a graph... the layout is not important for the moment.

Very thanks for the help, i'll see those links.

Guys... i have 2 doubts.

If i have the following grid (datatable):

The values in the grid (rows, collums and numbers inside green cells) are calculated using some steps:

{ind_capaUTS<-pcr(x=df_filt$UTS,lsl = input$iLIMMIN, usl = input$iLIMMAX )
    resultadoUTS<-list(FaixaOD=fxod,   <-------- rows of the grid
                    FaixaWT=fxwt,                  <-------- collums of the grid
                    ppk=ind_capaUTS$cpk)   <-------- values in green cells (comming from PCR)

                     nrow     = length(nom_gruposOD),
                     ncol     = length(nom_gruposWT),
                     dimnames = list(nom_gruposOD,nom_gruposWT)
    ind_cel_corUTS <- apply(X = faixas_od_wt,MARGIN = 1,FUN = calc_ind_capab_UTS)


                   as.character(mat_ppksUTS[,2]))] <- round(as.numeric(mat_ppksUTS[,5]),2)		   

In this case... my "tab_padraoUTS" is the name of the grid/table created in the screen.

1- I need to plot a graph after the user click on some selected cell. How can I do this using "_cell_clicked" or "_cell_selected" ?

    observeEvent(input$df_cell_clicked, {
      info = input$df_cell_clicked
      if (is.null(info$value) || info$col != 0) {
      output$plot1 <- renderPlotly({
        p1<- ggplot(df2, aes(x = YS)) + ...

2- How can I extract the 5 values inside the "resultadoUTS" list when the user click on the cell?

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