cleaning data for the first time

I am new to R and I want to start to clean my data but I don't know how should I start it.
can you help me to find a guideline, book, or any document? I know its theoretical context but it is the first time that I want to clean a data frame. I don't know how to import selected variables and...

Have a look at R for Data Science:

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Hello fary.
I will not dive into explanation about feature engineering and data preprocessing, because I know how different is the theory from the practice in the beginning. instead...
I will share some useful info with you:
1.Academic Resource:

2. Practical Example:

3.If you want to learn more:

Hope this help! Have a good day.


I don't know how to thank you AndyR.
I find all these 3 so great. These are exactly what I was looking for.
thanks again.

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thank you williaml
this website is great.

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