Clean standalone bibliography

I just started using R Markdown for academic presentations, mostly without code or data but as an easy way to produce both HTML and PPTX from the same file.

I would like to:

  • get a clean bibliography of only citations I've actually used within the document
  • get a standalone bibliography text file instead of included at the end of the document
  • automatically upload this file to a server of my choice (I can script something but it'd be nice to have it included in the Knit workflow)

Is this achievable?
Thank you.

Hi !

Welcome to R Markdown ecosystem then ! Glad you find it useful.

Did you already looked at documentation to get a sense on how it all works ?

You should find the answer about how to use bibliography using .bib file inside R Markdown document in the books above.

You mean another bib file with only the referenced used ? If so, then it is not standard by Pandoc or some R packages should probably allow you to do that. rmarkdown itself will use Pandoc to include the bibliography inside the resulting document, in the correct format.

This would be something external to rmarkdown and knitr. Publishing workflow won't be part of the tool directly. bookdown has helper to publish books to

If you are new to R Markdown, you could also have a look at new project Quarto

It is based on R Markdown experience but not made in R and it targets broader usage for non R content also.
There is a publishing option built-in to several place using quarto publish

Regarding the above question, it will be the same answer.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the reply. I looked through the documentation but the answer still eluded me, but I didn't have the cookbook which does go more in-depth into how the files are generated and how to customise the process.

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