Clean RMarktdown Template with toc


I've only been working with RMarkdown for a short time. I have also created some HTMLs.

What I'm looking for now is a style sheet that is very "clean" with the table of contents displayed on the left. Do you have an idea?

This is exactly what I'm looking for:

The problem is that I don't get the package installed because it doesn't seem to be an official package.

What works for me is the following package, but I don't like the templates.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to your tips!

You find the template used in your example as a package here, as well as how to install it and use it. Are you saying you can't use it because it's not a CRAN package?

I was able to solve the problem. The problem was the function install_github from devtools. There I first had to execute the following statement:

Sys.setenv("TAR" = "internal")

And now it works fine!

Of course I am still interested in other templates. I find one very simpl but interesting layout but without code:

Do you have idea how can I get this?

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I have just found a suitable and working example.

title: "TITLE"
author: "NAME"
mail: "mail@mail"
code_folding: hide
toc: true
toc_float: true
theme: united

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I believe that layout can be achieved by specifying a floating TOC, which you've already figured out. This section in the R Markdown book taught me a lot about how I can modify the html document to make it better.

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