Classroom management

I run a large class (60 people) in RStudio Cloud. Is there any way to order projects by my students' last names? Right now everything shows up in an order that I have no idea what it's based on. Since my grading system is obviously set up alphabetically by last name, this would be really useful when I grade. Or, if the search function could actually search by name, then I could just go down my grading list and find the correct project. Right now, it seems like the search only lets me search by project name (and of course all assignments have the same name...). Searching through a list of 60 projects to find a student is an enormous waste of time and defeats my purpose of making grading faster (by not having to worry about working directories etc if students submit R scripts to me). Looking through the list also takes forever because the information is not represented compactly on the screen, I have to keep scrolling down (and wait for more projects to load). If you really want to make RStudio Cloud useful for teaching, these features need to be considered.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way for you to sort the projects list by last name, but we'll add it to our backlog - it would clearly be very helpful, along with search by project author, for your case.

As a workaround, given the current state of things in Cloud - would it be easier to work your way sequentially through the list of projects in Cloud's order? I'm guessing looking up the corresponding student in your alphabetically ordered grading list would be quicker than searching by "eye" through Cloud's project list.

A question for you - would a view along these lines be helpful?


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