Chunk Output Inline deactivated (stopped working) randomly in specific files

I've been working on some reports over the past months. And since 2 or 3 days ago I've been having some issues with the code chunk inline output.

There is basically two types of output that I'm working with. Plotly Graphics and tidyverse tables.

I was accostumed to a chunk like the one below output a plotly widget graphics, along with warnings and such.

But for some reason the only inline output presented is the one seeing in the image.
A similar thing has happened with this user: in Rnotebook output of the chunk is not shown inline - #7 by Guzel

But there haven't been a definitive answer yet.

Similarly, the tibble output is not showing up

And it is only affecting certain files. It may be a directory problem. Because I haven't been playing with the configurations in any of thoses files. And older scripts haven't been affected. The html file is unaffected by this issue.

I found the solution!

There's a BUG in the software where the files that are saved with "ó ã õ" characters are not displaying tibble objects and plotly objects. I don't know why. I cannot confirm that it is exactly that, but once I changed the file name all the inline output were as expected!

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