chromatography result graph

Hello friends, basically I would like to make a graph like the ones made by the ÄKTA UNICORN program
The problem is that when I export the files, R does not read them because the fractions are exported not throughout the entire table but only a small part and there are blank spaces giving me the following error: Error in scan(file = file, what = what, sep = sep, quote = quote, dec = dec, : line 26 did not have 8 elements
I would appreciate it if you help me know how to import this type of format, the files that ÄKTA exports do so in .asc and ÄKTA GO does it in CSV
I would like to make an interactive graph like the following in which the Y axis can graph 3 variables depending on what is required for example: % imidazole, mAU, Conductivity and the X axis in addition to graphing the Y axis values can also graph the fractions elution.
Here is an example of what the UNICORN program graphs
Basically I have been using the following R code to plot my results but only plotting the mAU on the Y axis and the mL elution on the X axis

Hi @Luis1457 This plot is very nice.

Try to put the data file in a friendly format, you could load in a drive link. Remember the importance of put a reproducible example.

Im find this helps, maybe is good for you.

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