Chosing the right analysis?


Anyone can help me to choose the right analysis and come out with some coding.
My questions are 'Are the flux emitted from different microforms significantly different to each other and do they differ over time?'
Below was the dataset.
| --- | --- | --- | --- | --- |
|1|31/08/2018 12:48|HP|6.12|
|2|31/08/2018 12:52|PB|2.89|
|3|31/08/2018 12:55|FP|3.22|
|4|31/08/2018 12:59|HP|10.07|
|5|31/08/2018 13:02|PB|5.87|
|6|31/08/2018 13:06|FP|2.95|
|7|31/08/2018 13:09|HP|4.27|
|8|31/08/2018 13:13|PB|2.27|
|9|31/08/2018 13:16|FP|

Questions about selection of statistical tests should be posted elsewhere. (E.g. at CrossValidated)

is that the full dataset? Gonna struggle to run many stats on that sample size?

It was a few rows of the dataset.
I am looking for the best stats.

I disagree that this type of question should be directed elsewhere. R is tightly bound to statistics and learning it involves understanding both.

For this question, see the explainer for the first part. Come back with a new question with the time domain question. Post a reprex. See the FAQ.

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