Choosing between RStudio Community OR StackOverflow OR Research Computing Q&A site for posting a question

While working with the academic research computing community to build a Q&A site using Discourse, I came across this RStudio Community Discourse site. We asked a similar question to the thread you started here: Choosing between this site and StackOverflow for posting a question.

So, we wanted to start a new thread here to ask a similar question about our Research Computing Q&A site: or for short

An example of a question on your site that might be well-suited for our site is this one:

Or other questions with keywords such as hpc: Search results for 'hpc' - Posit Community

We welcome you and your community to check out our site, to encourage people to ask questions with us where you think it makes sense to do so, and to help us define guidelines to direct people to your site or StackOverflow as appropriate.

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