Chicago Neighborhood 311 Dashboard - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Chicago Neighborhood 311 Dashboard

Authors: Jim Kloet
Working with Shiny more than 1 year

Abstract: The Chicago Neighborhood 311 Service Request Dashboard was developed using Shiny, leaflet, plotly, and tools from the tidyverse. It summarizes 311 service requests opened over the last three months, by neighborhood. This tool enables users to answer questions about which neighborhoods have the most 311 requests, which neighborhoods have the highest count of requests per capita, and how requests trends over time.

Full Description: Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Residents across the city can call 311 for non-emergency service requests, which can include anything from filing complaints about aircraft noise to requesting trees to be planted. Detailed records of 311 service requests are available in the Chicago Data Portal, a free resource which contains datasets and tools about the community and public services. I wanted to know, are there any interesting or surprising trends in 311 requests, or relationships between 311 requests and neighborhoods? To investigate, I built a dashboard with R, using Shiny, leaflet, plotly, and packages from the tidyverse, and powered with data from the Chicago Data Portal and other public data sources. This tool helped me to identify trends in requests over time, both within and across neighborhoods. It also gave me some valuable experience to discuss at job interviews!

Category: Public Sector
Keywords: chicago, public, service, city, open
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Repo: GitHub - jimtheflash/chi311dash: Chicago 311 Service Requests Dashboard
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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