Chess(.com) Dashboard - Shiny Contest Submission

Chess(.com) Dashboard

Authors: Claudio Paladini

Abstract: Users of, a popular platform to play chess online, are prompted to enter their username and view a report, including recommendations, based on their games and inputs.

Full Description: # Dashboard


My project is an interactive report for any user. The report provides an overview of trends, seasonalities and other descriptive statistics as well as a set of recommendations.

The app is made up of 4 pages and makes use of the API to access player games history, which will be explored in the following sections.


The first page contains three sections:

  1. Overall win, lose, draw stats by colour.
  2. Wins and Games over different seasonalities (i.e. hour, weekday, month).
  3. User rating and games over time.


The openings page has two tabs, the "Openings" and the "Recommend" tabs. Both follow a sidebar layout.
The first, "Openings", shows a games/wins chart across all the openings, based on the user input. The user can specify a minimum number of games as well as the number of moves (Depth) of each opening as filters. This gives a clear view of openings that a user uses a lot but shouldn't, or openings that work and should be used more.

The "Recommend" tab responds to the same filters as the "Openings" tab but displays the openings on the chessboard, making the best and worst openings easier to remember.


The table page contains a table of the user's games that can be downloaded as a .csv making the raw data more accessible.


The "Info" page is instead just a brief description of the app and the resources it uses.


One of the resources the app makes use of is the API. The app also uses a library available on GitHub (i.e."paladinic/") which provides an interface to the API which collects and formats the data.


On top of the features above, the app includes responsive styling which accommodates mobile users. The insight it provides can improve the player's strategy and understanding of the game.

Keywords: plotly, rchess, paladinic/
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - paladinic/shiny_chess
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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