Checking student progress in primers

I use Rstudio cloud to teach an introductory R course and I think the primers are an outstanding resource, particularly for students who are learning their first programming language.

I am interested in tracking student progress in primer modules. Just being able to check whether individual students have completed the primer (i.e, viewed each topic and answered or attempted to complete each exercise) would be incredibly useful. Accessing information about whether students viewed solutions or hints would also be great. Is there any mechanism to do this?

Thank you in advance!


Just dropping a reply to keep the issue open - I'll assume the answer is 'no' if there aren't any replies in the next three weeks.

Hi, @byron

(Apologies again for the slow response!)

We've heard these requests from a number of folks. It definitely seems like a feature that makes sense for us to support. We've got it on our backlog and we're thinking about the best way to approach it right now. I'll confess that it will likely be a few months at least before we have anything to show here. But I'll make note of your request to bump up the priority a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback; I hope you'll keep it coming!


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No problem, thanks for considering this!

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