Cheaper and better way to make LearnR tutorials available online

I made LearnR tutorials and I am wondering what are cheaper and better alternatives than hosting on shinyapps. I will have about 50 concurrent users (students) and each one will use the tutorial for multiple hours because of length of tutorials. If I host it on shinyapps, it will quickly become very expensive. My Github repository must be private and therefore, MyBinder is also not a solution for me. I tried R Package solution suggested in LearnR's documentation, but it does not work well for my students as some packages are not compatible for different computers.

I found this answer very helpful, but I could not find a good guide to follow so that I can deploy my tutorial on my server (or cloud) with Docker swarm/Kubernetes. I have an experience with Docker, but not with Docker swarm and Kubernetes. I would be happy to get some suggestions and good guides how to solve this problem without paying too much in hosting servers like shinyapps.

This blog has tons of articles about shiny deployment options, including using servers, containers with orchestrators like shinyproxy or Kubernetes and platform-as-a-service(PaaS)like Digital Ocean Apps or Heroku among others. Highly recommend.


that's a great resource. Thank you very much! Do you may also know a tutorial directly with "LearnR", Shiny and deployment?

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