Character limit for a vector?

Hi all,

I'm working on a project that requires a vector that's >18,000 elements and >4.6 million characters long. Whenever I try to name the vector using c(), I get a little plus sign in my console, indicating that I need to add more.

I'm fairly confident that there isn't an error with a missing parentheses or anything. This led me to wonder if there is perhaps a character limit on how long a vector can be?

I'm using R version 4.0.0 and R studio, if that makes any difference.

Thanks so much!

you can have huge vectors. but there is a console limit, which you will hit if you try copy and pasting large text in.

where is the information for the vector coming from? you wont succeed in copy pasting it if its so big. rather have it in a file, and use an appropriate command to load the vector from the file

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