character encoding in Shiny app renders locally but not on

I am having an issue where my wordcloud::wordcloud() renders properly with Chinese characters encoded in UTF-8 when I run my Shiny app locally (Windows 10 machine), but when I deploy it to the wordcloud no longer renders properly.

This is the code where I make the wordcloud in my server.R:

  wordcloud_rep <- repeatable(wordcloud)

  output$wordcloud <- renderPlot({
    wordcloud_rep(word_tab()$word, word_tab()$freq,
                  min.freq = wordcloud_minfreq(),
                  max.words = wordcloud_maxwords(),
                  random.order = FALSE,
                  colors = brewer.pal(8, "Dark2"))

However, other Chinese characters in my app deployed on show up correctly, as shown here.

I tried setting options(encoding = "UTF-8") as some people do here, but it does not seem to resolve the issue.