Changing username on RStudio Community?

It seems I chose my username for this community in a haste. It would be nice to try to have similar usernames across different platforms...I have noticed on another 'community' using the same platform as this one that changing your username breaks your connections to all previous posts/replies. Is this unavoidable and the reason the option to change your username seems to be not available here?


It looks like the community manager (@EconomiCurtis) would have to change the username_change_period option for the site. You can see more about it in this discourse meta thread.

Or, alternatively, you could have an admin change it for you, if they are willing to do it of course

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Thanks @tbradley. It's not a huge deal. I just noticed sites like SO allow username changes and am wondering if there is a reason the option is not made available here.

In that thread, Jeff Atwood actually says that the issues caused from being able to change usernames freely on SO was a main reason for not allowing it by default on discourse.

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Happy to change your username @lewisjr2 (I wonder if this markup link will work after the name change?)

I'll private message you now.

For others with this issue, message me if you need to change your name. @EconomiCurtis

It looks like changing your username will break links to your old username, and any stats associated with that.


For me, it appears that any @ mentions to my old username are broken. For instances, the @lewisjr2 mention above is broken. All of my posts seemed to carry over just fine though and things like likes given/received do too.