Changing thousand mark to a point


I did a linear regression in R and want to export the results via the stargazer function. My goal was to have a result in the form of for example: 1.500,5 instead of 1,500.5
I was able to change the decimal mark into a ",". The problem now is that I do not know how to change the thousand mark into a point.

My code is:
stargazer(dsci_mais_chicago, dsci_mais_ccp, dsci_mais_ls, dsci_mais_oc, dsci_mais_gesamt, decimal.mark = ",", dep.var.labels = c("Chicago", "Creve Coeur Pekin", "Lockport Seneca", "Ottawa Chilicothe", "Gesamt"), covariate.labels = ("DSCI"), out = "Regressionsergebnisse Mais.html")
Can anyone please help me so the result shows something like: 1.500,5 instead of 1,500,5?
Thanks in advance

I have never used stargazer but it seems you need to set the digit.separator argument.


a character string that will serve as the digit (e.g., thousands) separator. Commonly used 
strings include "," for a comma separator, " " for a single space separator, and "" for 
no separation.

Thank you it worked perfectly!

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