Changing the text in overall.test in R meta forest from 'common' to 'fixed'

For the project I am working on I need to present common effects as ‘fixed’ effects on my forest plots. I have been able to change the text using - text.common = "FE model" and text.w.common = "fixed" in my code (see below). However, this has not changed the text in ‘Test for overall effect (‘ at the bottom of the forest plot (below) from ‘common’ to ‘fixed’. How do I do this please?

for.1 <- forest(m.rr, text.common = "FE model", text.random = "RE model",text.predict = "Prediction Interval", text.w.common = "fixed", text.w.random = "random", label.e = "Treatment X", label.c = "Control X", label.right = "Favours Cont X", col.label.right = "red", label.left = "Fabours Tmt X", col.label.left = "blue", addrows = 4,, print.Q=TRUE, print.Q.pval=TRUE, xlim = c(0.1, 10.0), test.overall=TRUE)

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