Changing email account for RStudio

Hi. I have been using RStudio products for ever. This means that I have numerous accounts dotted all over the place. I have accounts with, RCloud, RStudio Connect etc.. My precise issue is that I wish to change the email address associated with my RCloud account. It is an old email from a previous institution. I currently login to RCloud via Github which has a separate email address.

I found that I needed to go to to change my email there. I was able to change the email to my current email address for the billing, but not for the user info section under Profile>UpdateProfile. The reason for this is because: "User already exists with email address". This is because presumably I have used that email for some other RStudio project.

Essentially I want to sync all my RStudio stuff to one email - but I'm having trouble.

In the long run, I believe the RStudio Cloud login will be the login to rule all RStudio logins.

There's already a connection to community, but I don't think it's in place yet for, rpubs, or (support for pro customers), but that will eventually happen.

Also soon, you'll be able to update your email via profile settings, I think at (so if you find this thread in the future, please check there for the option to update your email).

For now, to update your email on,, etc., please email There may be a couple of steps to verify emails, but we'll get you sorted there.

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