Changing cursor colour when using VIM keybindings


I have recently started used VIM keybindings in RStudio, but I'm having a bit of problems with the cursor appearance.

I'm using a dark RStudio theme (Dracula, to be more precise). In normal mode the cursor colour defaults to red, and in insert mode it defaults to white.

I have a bit of a hard time seeing the cursor in normal mode because of its colour. I tried changing themes, but I much prefer the Dracula one over the others, and in fact I face the same problem with other dark themes (probably related, I'm colourblind lol).

I tried finding a relevant tag (to change the cursor colour) in the dracula.rsthemefile, but could not find it. The .ace_cursor colour is set to #f8f8f0 (white-ish), which is nice, but doesn't apply to the cursor in normal mode.

Any tips on how to change it?


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