Changing Content Owners


We're running RSC 1.7.8. I'm having trouble how to update owners on content.

I'm following this section of the RSC API guide.

I saw this old thread and all the CLI things are out of date (I'm assuming in favor of the API as mentioned at the end of the thread).

Do I need to update our RSC version? Is there any other way to change this?


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Hello @davisderodes !

So a couple of options:

  • The CLI guide is here now (apologies for the broken link!). It is still possible to transfer content with the CLI, but it moves in "bulk" IIRC

Although that is for a newer version of connect. For 1.7.8, you want:

  • As for the API guide, you are better off referencing your particular release (which is stored on your Connect server under the "Documentation" tab, or here. Unfortunately, it does look like the new API endpoints were shipped after 1.7.8, so if you want to make use of the API to modify owners, you will need to upgrade Connect:

I hope that helps!! If you do decide to upgrade, there is a thread linked in the thread you linked that discusses this type of thing in more detail: