Change width in Stacked barchart

Hello Everyone,
I am a total beginner and i need your help. I should create a bar plot with an adapted width. Ideally also circular. How can I change the width of ggplot? Thank you for your help.


Welcome to the forum. Use 'width' in geom_col() or geom_bar to tweak the bar width and for circular behavior, just add coord_polar

Here are some simple examples, which you can adapt to your data.


#modified width bar Chart
slices <- c(10, 12, 4, 16, 8)
lbls <- c("US", "UK", "Australia", "Germany", "France")

DF <- data.frame(lbls = lbls, 
slices = slices)

p <- ggplot(DF, aes(x = lbls, y = slices, fill = lbls)) 

#compare column width

p+ geom_col(width = 0.5)

p + geom_col(width = 1)

#for geom_col x = 1 because geom_col defaults to "identity" 
pp <-ggplot(DF, aes(x = 1, y = slices, fill = lbls))

pp + geom_col(width = 1) + coord_polar(theta = "x" )

pp + geom_col(width = 1) + coord_polar(theta = "y" )

Hope this helps.


Many thanks for the quick response. I am now a proud creator of a circular barplot :grinning:

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