Change vanity url through the API

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According to this post's solution, the support for changing the vanity URL when deploying the content was in RStudio's roadmap. Are there any news on this feature?

If not, I'd like to support this request or at least that admins can set/get it using the API.

@slopp, @cole Maybe you can help me with that... Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

This is a great follow up question! Unfortunately, nothing has changed with regard to the publicly documented API today.

However, there are some experimental features of the connectapi package that explore the possibilities associated with some of this functionality.

As it is still very much experimental, please let us know if you have any feedback associated with use cases this unlocks or additional improvements that can be made! We always love hearing from our users :smile:

client <- connect()
my_app <- content_item(client, "myguid")
set_vanity_url(my_app, "/cole/test")


Super, @cole! I will try that.

Edit: it's not the API, but it solves the problem... therefore it is a solution for me.

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