Change the y axis in a standard plot to percentual change

I would like to change my y axis in a normal "plot" not ggplot to a percent scale. So that I can fix i.e a year (of the x axis) as 100% and then it shows for the years bevor and after how much % they deviate, but the visual picture remains the same as without the new y axis. It this possible on a normal "plot"?

why should the visuals look different when you linearly scale everything in proportion ?
if you want to stretch/squash or shift the data you need to say how ...

(some_x <- 2000:2023)
(some_y <- cumsum(mtcars$mpg[1:24]))


# value of y when x whas 2016
(adjustment <- some_y[some_x == 2016])

(rescaled_y <- 100*some_y / adjustment)

     y=rescaled_y,ylab = "Rescaled %")


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Thank you very much, it was exactly what I was looking for. Great!!

Do you know by any chance if it's possible to change the side of the y axis to the right in a normal plot?

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