Change the hotkey for 'multiple cursors' in Linux?

Hi. A Mac friend introduced me to multiple cursors which can be done with alt+mousedrag or control + alt + up/down, but in linux, alt+drag picks up and drags the window. Alt+rightdrag resizes it. Both of these are kinda lovely tbh. ctrl+alt+up/down looks like it's trying to move the window somewhere so it might be assigned to 'send to other workspace' or similar but I'm on a laptop with only 1 workspace so maybe that's why it's not doing much.

Anyway all this to say: would it be possible to make 'alt' a customisable key so those with OSs that already have this bound (and don't want to change it in the OS) can change it in RStudio?


For info: using Xubuntu which is XFCE + Ubuntu.

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