change the caption position of a table to the bottom using kableextra function

Hey there!

I have a more general question. Is there a possibility to put the caption of a table using kableextra function to the bottom of the table? I know it's kind of unusual to do so, but my faculty is requesting this format...
I searched for hours, but I did not find a solution...
If there is no possibility to do so, is there another in using a different package?
To my setup:
I am using bookdown, the output has to be pdf.

Thanks a lot guys

Looks like this is not implemented yet,
but there should be a workaround:

Hey! Thanks alot! This works perfect.
Although I don't really understand how this is working...Can I get some explanation?

I just saw that the xtable2kable is implemented in kableExtra. I guess you do not have to create this function yourself (and thereby overwrite the package's xtable2kable function).
I have not used this feature yet (but searched for it). I guess the idea is to use xtable from the xtable package which supports caption at the bottom of the table and convert it to a knitr_kable object so that you can use kableExtra functions.


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