Change R Code based on Document Knitted


I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to have the R code of a RMarkdown document changed by whether the document is being knitted to PDF vs HTML

Specifically, I have a document that I would like to knit to both, depending on the user. For the html_document, I would like to wrap many of my ggplots with plotly::ggplotly() to make them interactive. However, this does not work for the pdf_document, so I am fine just using the static version. Is there a way I can have the engine itself choose which version it outputs?

Currently, my workaround is to have a indicator at the top that I manually change about which it is (and then plots are wrapped in an ifelse(), but sometimes I forget to change it.


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You can use knitr::opts_knit$get("") to get a string indicating the output format. You can use your plotly code when it returns "html" and your alternate code for anything else. Set a boolean as

is_html <- knitr::opts_knit$get("") == "html"