Change package source when publishing on Rstudio Connect `https` vs `http'

Rstudio Connect server is not able to install packages from Our RSConnect admins says its not working because using https over proxy and the curl command executed in the background.
Looks like if I can somehow specify so that RSConnect uses http instead of https it can hlep, but I don't know how.
Is there a way admin can change it for everyuser so that RSConnect by default tries a specific mirror/url for packages

Hi @ashishSinghal :wave:

Can you check if the proxy is set in the environment? That could be set in the system R Profile if that is the solution.

So after almost giving up on this, just found the solution where I did not expect.
I did not think it has anything to do with settings on Rstudio on my computer.
I still did it and it worked. There is a checkbox in package management for disabling secure download method for http. I did not think this will affect how the Rstudio Connect behaves but I guess this get transported with the deploy bundle.

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