Change order in ggplot

Hello everyone
I am a R-newbie. I made a circular barplot and changed the order of "Exposition". I also want to change the order of "Dichte". How can I combine both entries? I would also like to make the bars bigger , to see more details.

Many thanks for the help

data_cir %>%

mutate(Exposition = fct_relevel(Exposition, "N", "NO", "O", "SO", "S", "SW", "W", "NW")) %>%

ggplot( aes(x=Exposition, y=Rasterpixel)) + geom_bar ( aes (x= Exposition, y=Rasterpixel, fill=Dichte), stat="identity", alpha=0.5) +

scale_fill_viridis (discrete=TRUE) + coord_polar (start = 0)

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