Change location of rstudio-prefs.json config file


I'm using RStudio Desktop (1.3.959 - open source licence) on Windows Server 2019 and I would like to move the rstudio-prefs.json user config file from the default location (AppData/Roaming/RStudio) to an other location. I found a blog post indicating that it is possible (, but the mean to do that is not mentioned. Is the solution consist in modifying an env variable? In this case, what is this variable?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @AurelDisanto,

I believe the setting you're looking for is this one from the RStudio Server Pro admin guide:

In accordance with the Base Directory Specification, the environment variables 
specify the location of the rstudio folder. For example, to store system-wide 
preference configuration in /var/config/rstudio/rstudio-prefs.json, you would 
set the XDG_CONFIG_DIRS variable to the value /var/config.

Hi @alexkgold,

Thank you for your reply :-).
However, this solution seems to be not OK for RStudio Desktop on Windows Server 2019. I think I have to find a workaround to solve my problem ...

Have a good day !

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