Change in Java version on

Hi there,

I've been deploying a shiny application for a while that uses a java executable bundled within a custom R package. The java executable is built using Java 1.8, and the R package generates a warning if a different version of Java is in the path of the server or computer being used. I've never received this warning before in my logs (including versions deployed as of last week), but as of today I'm getting a warning that Java 11 is being used--and unfortunately the package (and therefore the app!) is no longer working as a result!!

My questions are:

  • Did RStudio change the default version of Java in the path of deployments? I've seen issues in the past related to zipping where certain executables had changed on, which leads me to believe this could be the issue.
  • Are there multiple versions of Java available on deployments? If so, are there any pointers for using a particular version within my code/on If i can't get Java 1.8, my app is in big trouble...

For background:

  • I'm aware of how to call a different Java version locally, but it's a bit more tricky of course on when i don't also have access to the underlying linux system.
  • Googling around brought no related tips or help on this.
  • It's possible that because the R package is installed from github, perhaps the other dependencies installed at the same time are at issue. I am also looking into this.