Change graphical device at startup in RStudio

At startup, RStudio sets the default graphical device to RStudioGD. I would like the default to be X11. Putting options(device = 'X11') in .Rprofile does not work because it seems that RStudio resets the graphical device after .Rprofile is run. Is there a way to have RStudio use X11 from startup on?

You can use an RStudio session init hook in your .Rprofile. For example:

setHook("rstudio.sessionInit", function(...) {
    options(device = "X11")

This hook will be run after RStudio has completed session initialization.

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Awesome, so simple!
Is there a list of all possible hooks somewhere? I remember the help file for setHook only mentioned hooks related to package loading and attachment.
Thank you!

Unfortunately, there isn't any global list of available hooks -- these are used relatively rarely and other hooks are only sparsely documented.

We document the rstudio.sessionInit hook here, as part of the rstudioapi package:

but it would be prudent for us to document this somewhere more discoverable.

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