Change font size in Data Viewer

How can I change the font size in Data Viewer? (the table that appears every time we use utils::View())

I'm using Windows 10 64bit.

I'm almost sure there should be a CSS file in Program Files which I could change the font size parameter. I have successfully changed the Help pane font size changing the R.css file in Program Files.

I have been playing with the Web Inspector but I couldn't figure out which CSS file is the Viewer using. It seems that the CSS specifications are created on the fly every time View() is called.

According to this 3-year-old post is not possible (

I have played with Windows Fonts zoom functions. However, this doesn't solve the problem because it changes font-size for all applications, I'm using other applications apart from RStudio.

The font size of the Data Viewer is incredibly small.


You can zoom in just in RStudio (as in it won't impact the other applications on your computer) by going to
View >> Zoom In