Change Default Pane of View(DataFrame)?

Is it possible to change the default pane for View(DataFrame)? I often want to view the Source pane and the DataFrame at the same time for comparisons. Since the View(DataFrame) is sent to the same pane as the Source, I can only do this by taking the extra step of 'popping' the DataFrame into a separate window. Even if I can't send the DataFrame to a different pane, can I have it automatically open in a new window, or is there a keyboard shortcut I can use to accomplish this?

There is no keyboard shortcut by default, but you can make one. Go to Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts and set a shortcut for Show Document in New Window.

Thanks, Jonathan. Glad to see this is possible as a keyboard shortcut. I assume that means it is not possible to reassign the dataset view to a pane other than the Source pane?

Not at present, sorry! Feel free to file a request. :slight_smile:

Thank you, jonathan. Am I able to put in a request since I use the free version of R-Studio? If so, where would I go to do it?

I'm forced to use another proprietary 'language' at work, and it makes really appreciate how wonderful R-Studio is and how it makes R so much easier.

Here’s the guide for making feature requests! Carefully reading and following those instructions is the best qualification. :grin: