Chain Reaction game based on Shiny based interactive table |> Table Contest

Shiny based interactive table

Authors: Jayachandra_n, Pushker Ravindra

Full Description:
Chain Reaction game designed based on interactive table.

                            ***How to Play***


  • Take control of the board by eliminating opponents' orbs.


  • Change the "row" and "column" values and click on "Go", this decides the grid size (n_Rows * n_Columns)
  • Two player game
  • Color is assigned to players. Generally purple assigned for Player 1 and Green for Player2
  • The game takes place on an m × n grid. Each cell has a critical mass (number of adjacent cells).


  • Purple and Green players take turns placing orbs of their color.
  • Orbs stack up in a cell.
  • When a cell reaches its critical mass, it explodes:
    • Adjacent cells gain an orb.
    • The original cell loses orbs equal to its critical mass.
    • Explosions can convert adjacent cells to the player's color.
  • Winning: Eliminate opponents' orbs to win.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Code: GitHub - IJayC/table_contest: An interactive shiny table
Industries: General.
Packages: DT, shiny, shinyalert