Chage flexdashboard title dynamically with shiny

is there a way to change the title of my flexdashboard dynamically based on my choice of the input$company? I tried input$company in the title but i miss something. Below i give a minimun reproducible example.

runtime: shiny
theme: cosmo
orientation: rows

# FIXME: get themeSelector() working
# shinyApp(ui = fluidPage(shinythemes::themeSelector()), server = function(a, b) {})
# shinythemes::themeSelector()

title: "r paste("Estimates UI", isolate(input$company), sep=' ')"

My Estimates {data-icon="fa-history"}

Inputs {.sidebar}

Select Company by Expert

est_inf <- matrix(nrow=0, ncol=5, dimnames=list(NULL, c('est_id', 'nickname', 'aiid', 'ticker', 'date')))
est_inf <- data.frame(est_inf)

est_inf[1,] <- c(1, 'Bill Nye', 'ai001161.01', 'AMD', '2017-08-03')
est_inf[2,] <- c(2, 'Chet Faker', 'ai001690.01', 'AAPL', '2017-08-09')
est_inf[3,] <- c(3, 'Jan', 'ai064768.01', 'AMZN', '2017-08-10')
est_inf[4,] <- c(4, 'Chet Faker', 'ai001161.01', 'AMD', '2017-09-04')
est_inf[5,] <- c(5, 'Bill Nye', 'ai001161.01', 'AAPL', '2017-09-05')
est_inf[6,] <- c(6, 'Jan', 'ai064768.01', 'AMZN', '2017-09-05')
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