Censusxy: GEOID option for 2020 census tract boundaries?

Hello! I'm working to geocode addresses to census tracts (GEOIDs), ideally to 2020 census tract boundaries. Is there an option to do this in censusxy? I didn't see documentation by year, but do I assume that censusxy uses 2010 boundaries? @chris.prener

Thank you!

Hi there @madsgeocoding - if you want to return geographic data, you can do that with cxy_geocode()'s return argument. You'll need to identify a valid vintage, which you can identify using cxy_vintages(). If you pick a recent vintage, you should be able to return 2020 tract boundaries.

One thing to note about how censusxy operates - it's just a window into what the Census Bureau offers through their API. If you want to do specific types of spatial joins, another option is to geocode your data to locations rather than geographies, and then us sf to complete your join.

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