CCTpack (cctscree) error missing values


I am trying to use the CCTpack package for R, especially the cctscree() function, but keep getting the error message

#Console Output
>cctscree (IT)

 ...Ordinal (categorical) data detected

 ...885 respondents and 12 items

 ...Producing Scree Plot

Likely variables with missing values are   
Error in fac(r = r, nfactors = nfactors, n.obs = n.obs, rotate = rotate,  : 
  I am sorry: missing values (NAs) in the correlation matrix do not allow me to continue.
Please drop those variables and try again.

I don't know where there should be NAs in my data and fac() itself is working fine. What exactly dows the error message mean and how can I get cctscree() to work with my data?


Did you find a resolution to this issue? I am trying to use CCTpack and am experiencing the same issue. Likewise, I do not have missing data.