cbind weird issue

Hi all,
So I have these two files that are same dimensions.
70 rows and 1 column in file 1.
70 rows and 568 columns in file 2. Rstudio displays this as 70 obs of 568 variables
I did cbind as follows:
m <- cbind(file_1, file_2)

Rstudio displays m as 70 obs of 569 variables which is great!
I even visualized it to be sure in RStudio ( as crazy I can get sometimes!):

and I can see the last col name which is from file 1.

However when i copy 'm' and paste it in excel or look up the column name from file 1, I dont see it !

Why is Rstudio saying variable 569 when I cannot see that column from file 1 in the merged file?
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I am not sure I follow what is happening but what happens if you do

m[, 569]
# and
m[ , 1]

I do not understand why one would paste a data.frame or tibble into Excel.

What happens if you do

write_excel_csv(m, "ans.xlsx")

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