Catching RStudio error messages

I'm trying to use R Markdown. When I try to create a new R Markdown file it tells me some packages need updating and asks if I want to install them. When I reply Yes a new window opens and many messages come flying by. I can't read that fast except at the end the window stops for just a second and I see that it failed and then the window disappears. How can I get these messages and find out what is wrong?

Can you just update the offending packages before you knit? That should (I think... in my past experience at least) avoid these update-package warning messages.

You can use the IDE's package tab (the same pane with Files and Plots) to update packages.

The problem occurs when I try to create a new file of type R Markdown. I get a pop-up that there are required updates to be able to use R Markdown, do I want to install them and I reply Yes. The new window opens and there is a flurry of messages, items being download and installed, and then it stops with a message that it failed, and then the window closes before I can determine what the problems are. Is there a log file somewhere I can access to review the issues?