Capturing configuration applied via RStudio DevTool in themes or in a project file

Hi all,

I brought this topic in different contexts before, but never saw an answer that addresses the actual point I brought up, so will try again -- especially as the new way you configure the IDE with RStudio 13 may be relevant to this.
What I'm looking for is a way to save appearance settings such as text type/size/color that cannot be configured via the settings/preference menu, but can be easily configured using the RStudio DevTool (that I open by right clicking an element and choosing "inspect element"). My usage of it in the last year or so has to do with configuring text in document outlook, which I heavily use (*). It is trivial to do by modifying a few properties of the GEPMHFYJFC and GEPMHFYHFC using RStudio DevTool, but as far as I know these particular appearance properties cannot be configured via preference.
Unfortunately, I did not find a way to save changes done via DevTool, so every time I open an RStudio window or project I redo those changes. Have done so for over a year, and while it only a few minutes work every time, it does add up...

In short, my questions are:

  • Is there a way to save changes done via RStudio DevTool?
  • Is there a way to use a theme to specify such configurations (basically values for properties of some classes) ?
    • I bring this up because I recently encountered a dark theme that was posted and had a line with a list of classes such as those above, and apparently modified or added some properties of these classes; but I couldn't find any documentation of an interface for doing that (I did go through the theme API page buy maybe I missed it).

It would save me a lot of time and frustration if I could either save the configuration, or better yet, set up a theme that configures elements/properties of these classes.

(*) For what it worths, the reason the document outlook is very helpful to me is the ability to add code sections, even within (inside) functions (using the "# section name ----" syntax). It may be a hack, but in practice it allows you to create hyper links to certain points or sections in my code. This makes the document outlook extremely powerful, especially if you have lots of long functions, or you would like to mark certain sections of your code that I need to revisit or review quite frequently. It is useful enough for me to manually re-apply the changes via the DevTool hundreds of times in the last few years... :slightly_smiling_face:. That said, if I cannot configure the font there to be a fixed-width one and distinguish the colors of function names from those of the code sections, then the text in the outlook quick become too messy to read with any file that has more than a dozen of functions and/or code sections, interleaving with each other.

Thanks much

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