Capacity of ®Studio☁️

《大器®Studio☁️》--- 修辞手法

Meaning : :ocean:Ocean accepted hundreds rivers because of capacity, capacity will be more be better and unlimited capacity (per object, per file, per project, per user) is the best.

Refered : “海纳百川 有容乃大” 用英文怎么说_百度知道

Request to upgrade capacity and administrator privilege for the sake of all ®Studio☁️ users...

I don't mean to offend but I think your requests are being a little bit unrealistic for the following reasons.

Computational resources have a cost you need to consider to set a rate for the service, you can't simply offer unlimited resources because you can't set an unlimited rate either.

Also you have to consider that to keep the service stable and available they have to manage security and giving administrator privileges to anybody would substantially increase the risks, you can't just trust in everybody's good faith.

If you need more flexibility on the computational resources and administrative access you have available I think you should consider a self managed solution like having your own virtual server with a cloud computing provider, that way you have full control over the configuration of your system and you can have as much resources as you can pay for.


Hope that JingPad might better than Android Phone Termux, it will be easier for lite or tiny project (high efficient computing might prefer laptop or desktop) since ®Studio☁️ has restriction on :

  • admin privilege
  • capacity

The forum staffs off-topic but not me, employees don't know anything specially gambling industry Caspo Auyok & gangsters which is obstacle just suicideignore will do... How to expect marketing department promote RStudio☁️ and make money if users using RStudio☁️ without improvement on the admin provilege and capacit? There has only less than ten users published to RStudioConnect believed that deploy on RStudio☁️, How to growth RStudio without improvement?

remarks : The objective of establish the forum is disscuss and exchange all relevant topics and suggestions and alternatate scheme to all R users as reference when faced same dilemma

You simply are not getting for what the tool is designed for, obviously it is not meant for your application.

As I understand it, RStudio Cloud is focused on education, not on general purpose use. I found it inpractic for production work too, that is why I use my own EC2 instance on AWS and configure everything to my needs.

RStudio Connect is not a cloud based service and has no free tier (it is paid only), what you are using is just meant as a demo, not a functional service, that is why you don't see people publishing there.

You are being marked as "off-topic" because this category is meant for discussions specific to the RStudio Cloud platform, if you want to discuss installation of the RStudio IDE under ARM architecture, open a new topic on the RStudio IDE or R Admins category, there are already some similar topics over there.

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