Can't use GGMAP

Hey ! I just realized that we can't seem to use the ggmap package, and add the map data from the Google APIs, especially since Google have changed their policy, and monetized it for accessing it.
This is inconvenient since playing around google map's data seems to be an interesting topic to cover.
Is there any workaround around it ? (Other than the fact that we need to pay a hefty sum to get the data from Google of course. )


Yeah they reworked their API's entirely. However you do get a $200 credit each month.
So if you wanted static maps, or geocoding or whatever then you would use those API's.
I'm unsure if ggmap and others may have compensated for it.

I've resulted in working with OSM and pretty decent.

And R has the leaflet package, which is simply amazing.

Just depends on what you want to do really.

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